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The Survival Guide

Overview of Basic Camping Survival Gear


When the time calls for the right survival equipment, do not lose yourself in uncertainty and confusion. These are the days in history that can change lives and save them too. With the waves of natural disasters, war, conflict, and domestic terrorism on the rise, do not get caught unprepared. Those who make preparations a priority will limit their actual need for help. Being wisely prepared for the possibility of man-made and natural disasters can save lives.


Surviv al Gear

Having an adequate supply stocked up of water, food, heating or cooking sources, lighting, shelter and other important basics is essential. Being able to be your own source of resources and vital supplies is the only way to ensure survival. The world can be a harsh place without the basic necessities. Think not only of yourself, but your family and loved ones need to be prepared to. Here are some of the items that are essentials for disaster survival today.


Solar and Wind Power Products

The use of a solar and wind powered camping lantern and other equipment can create much needed electrical power. When the utilities are no longer responding, you will not have to wait for any first responder services. If there are any at all. Provide your own power sources with solar and wind power products. This equipment is subject to availability, so make sure you get yours in advance.


Flashlights and Radios

Having flashlights and a radio is part of any standard survival equipment kit. Light is essential in a wide variety of situations. You will also need to have a way to receive transmissions, as long as they are available from the outside world. These minor things are not something you want to forget to plan on having. It is worth it to even purchase a backup pair.


Other Items

Try to have some wood stacked up for emergencies for a heat source. If you own a gun, then you might want to put it close to your kit for emergencies. There are tons of things that we could put in a survival kit but the kit would end up being as large as your house. Hopefully you will never have to use your survival kit, but better safe than nothing at all and be sorry. Just having the essentials will be a big help in an emergency. By having all these things in your survival supplies it will help ease the pain that you are going through if you are using it.


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